Keys to Healthy Eating

healthy eatingWhen people hear about healthy eating, their minds instantly jump to calories. Healthy eating is about much more than calories. Healthy eating is about knowing who you are and eating right to fit your lifestyle. Whether you work for long hours in office or burn more calories mowing garden, you need to find the right balance of diet to supplement your daily activities.

There are many methods which promise miraculous results and new ones come up every day. When you embrace your individuality, you learn to apply the keys to healthy living and surpass these temporary fads and enter into a lifelong habit of eating healthily and staying lean. Continue reading

Healthy Eating Habits That Will Transform Your Life

healthy lifestyleHealthy eating has grown into a very popular movement. In fact, healthy eating habit trends have hit the roof in America with so many people striving to change their diets to maintain an ideal body mass. This is mainly attributed to the statistics concerning diseases and even deaths that are caused by poor eating habits.

Eating healthy is a choice and even though everyone may have their own preferences and tastes, it is in agreement that healthy meals should contain all the nutrients required by the body. Naturally, our bodies live and depend on foods and drinks that nourish it. Having a balanced diet is, therefore, imperative for anyone who wants to have a healthy body and lifestyle.

A balanced diet should consist of important nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fibers and healthy fats. This makes it necessary to eat all the

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Importance of Fruits and Vegetables in your Body

fresh-909373_960_720Fresh fruit and vegetables are important in our body. Do you know the reasons why? There are many reasons to have these nutritious powerhouses in your day to day diet. The most obvious reason is that they are readily available, the following is a list of other reasons as to why you should consume fruits and vegetables.

1.      Watching body weight

As a result of overfeeding and being undernourished together with a deskbound lifestyle, obesity is rising at a high speed. Many people are consuming foods that have petite nutrients but equipped with many calories and loaded with fat, sugar, and other chemicals. These foods are barely used to fuel the body’s activities. Instead, they make the body gain weight at a high speed. So what is a good antidote for this? Fruits and vegetables. They are nutrient rich whole foods that can serve as proteins too.

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How to Create a Healthy Fitness Plan

fruitsHaving and sticking to a fitness plan is crucial for good health. Physical activities are important for your body as they reduce your chances of getting chronic diseases, significantly improve your body balance and nervous coordination, help you control your body weight, help you have a good sleep habit and increases your self-esteem.

A good health fitness plan should be based on the person’s biology. Some factors should be considered which include; such as the person’s age, diet, goals, physique and so on. Developing one’s fitness plan can be challenging, but it becomes fun once you figure out the fundamentals of creating one. Continue reading

10 Healthy Foods You Should Try

Food is a critical aspect of our daily lives. We rely on food to keep our strengths high and also keep our bodies and minds healthy. healthy foodsHowever, consumption of the wrong foods can adversely impact the quality of life we have. The opposite is also entirely right.  Here, we will highlight the best foods that are good for your body to keep you active and healthy. These are not exotic foods. They are easily found and can be taken every day. They include;

1.  Chia

One of the most super healthy foods around are the chia seeds. These seeds have as much protein as some nuts do and are good for your heart. This is because they contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is a plant based omega 3 fat. A tablespoon of these seeds will provide 4 grams of fibre, 2 grams protein and 1.75 grams ALA. These seeds are kind on sensitive stomachs because they absorb liquids easily forming a gel. Continue reading

Sure Ways to Healthy Eating on a Budget

healthy foodsA healthy diet can be a challenge. It’s even harder to eat well when you’re on a tight spending plan. Be that as it may, there are numerous approaches to spare cash and still have that balanced diet. Here are clever ways you can employ to get more value for your buck

1.      Start using a meal schedule

If you want to save money at the home, consider arranging out your meals for the day. Take one day every week to organize your suppers for the forthcoming week. Try to make a basic list of what you require. Likewise, try to examine your fridge to see what is still left. Continue reading

How to Lose Weight on a Diet

Lose weight nowThere is no overnight solution when it comes to losing weight. The Internet will talk about secrets that will help one lose weight in a week. The reality on the ground is cold and hard. These are fads that come and go with each season.To make losing weight a natural process, read this article to learn how to lose weight on a diet

1.      Simple Exercise Routines

Losing weight and exercise are bedfellows. Exercise is how the body burns fat. The program does not need to be centered on jogging and swimming. If you are a beginner at this, then it is recommendable that you begin with a brisk walk around the block for 10 minutes each day.The aim is to remain active as you increase your heartbeat you get better, up the game. Test your body to discover what your limits are. Continue reading

Reasons to Taking Nutrition Seriously

nutritionGood nutrition is key to good health. It is a critical part of leading a healthy lifestyle. When combined with physical activity, diet can help one reach and maintain a healthy weight, with reduced dangers of chronic diseases. Unhealthy eating habits contribute to obesity in many people. There is the need to feed the body with a balanced diet. Good nutrition should be a part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition pertains to the process of providing the body with vital nutrients such as carbs, proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals. If the body is not given the right amounts of nutrients, one may become either underweight or overweight. Proper nutrition means that the body gets all the vital nutrients to work optimally. Without proper nutrition, the body is highly prone to infections, diseases, fatigue and poor performance. Continue reading

Meal Plans to Lose Belly Fat

obesityBeing overweight does not necessarily mean unhealthy. There are lots of people who are overweight and in good health. Also, many people in healthy weight have metabolic issues related to obesity. Because fat under the body’s skin is not a problem health wise, but is considered a cosmetic problem.

The belly fat found in the abdominal cavity that brings about the biggest issues. Belly fat metrics calculated by getting the circumference of the waist. Men with 102cm or more and women with 88cm are said to have abdominal obesity. Can you do anything to lose belly fat? Yes, the following are ways known to achieve that. Continue reading

What you need to know about Processed Foods

processed foodsAll around us today, we see processed foods. From the cakes we eat at weddings or fast foods we pick up from MacDonald’s, all amount to processed foods.  From breakfast cereals to tinned vegetables, meat products like bacon to fast foods, e.g., microwave meals, they are all around us. However, when preparing for a wedding, there are some critical thing that you need to know about these processed foods;

1.    Dairy

Dairy products for most of us are essentials. They are essential for a healthy immune system, build strong bones and reduce fragility. When shopping for dairy products, it is recommended to skip the high fat produce like sour cream, mayonnaise, and ice cream. Rather, pick the fat-free or low-fat products of milk like yogurt and cheese. This will ensure that even in the consumption of these products your calorie intake is low. Continue reading

What you need to know about diabetes

 physician Diabetes has become a major concern across the world, and the World Health Organization estimates that by 2030, diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of mortality in the world. Millions of people have already died from this chronic disease which is caused by an inadequate generation of insulin in or lack of reaction to insulin by the body. We will discuss the varied types of diabetes, risk factors, symptoms, and remedies or ways of managing the disease.

Types of diabetes

Diabetes is categorized into three main types namely:

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Healthy Cooking Tips you need to Know

healthy cookingMany people view eating healthy as giving up their favorite foods. This is typically because, these foods are laden with too many calories due to the way they are cooked. We must, therefore, learn tips and skills to make our foods just as good but healthier. This will boost our morale to eat these foods and not be negatively affected by the consequences. Here are a few tips to utilize on your way to healthy cooking;

1.      Reduce the fats

The most crucial point is to keep fats to a minimum. When buying meats, chose the lean meats. This is concerning any meat be it poultry, beef or even pork. Another step is to reduce the amounts of processed foods one is cooking. Continue reading